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James Carey offers top-tier live sound services, ensuring exceptional audio quality for both live music events and corporate functions. With extensive experience and a deep passion for music, James excels in live sound engineering, mixing, and stage management. He has worked at major festivals such as Boomtown and Glastonbury, as well as at weddings abroad.


James also collaborates with the largest AV companies in the country. For a closer look at his work and updates, visit James Carey on Instagram.

James Carey working as. a sound engineer at Wembley Stadium for artist Arrdee.


Last year, James Carey had the prestigious role of live sound engineer at Wembley Stadium in London for the artist ArrDee. This experience involved managing and mixing the audio for one of the world's most iconic venues, ensuring impeccable sound quality for thousands of fans. His expertise and ability to handle high-pressure environments were crucial in delivering an unforgettable auditory experience for both ArrDee and the audience.

James Carey on stage at a festival for Sam and the Womp PA Set.
James Carey on stage at a festival for Sam and the Womp PA Set.
James Carey ready to go on stage with Sam and the Womp.


James Carey has had the privilege of working with Sam and the Womp band for their live PA set across numerous festivals. This collaboration included being a support act for the Sugababes and headlining Worthing Pride. His role involved ensuring top-notch sound quality and seamless audio experiences at these high-profile events, showcasing his expertise in live sound engineering and his ability to manage complex, high-energy performances.


James Carey serves as the head of sound for the prestigious function band Next Level, working with them on high-profile events across multiple countries. His exceptional skills have been highlighted at renowned venues such as the Compton Fitzroy and during a private event at the London Natural History Museum.

James Carey working as. a sound engineer at the Natural History Museum.


James Carey regularly collaborates with live bands such as Afriquoi and Raz & Afla, bringing his expertise to a wide range of performances. From touring across the UK to international gigs in Europe and Asia, James ensures top-quality sound for headline acts at many prestigious festivals. His work with these dynamic bands showcases his ability to deliver exceptional live sound experiences, whether at intimate venues or large-scale events, solidifying his reputation as a sought-after sound engineer.

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