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James takes a synergetic approach to music, using his knowledge as an accomplished sound engineer to bring out the best in a performance. He works with distinguished musicians, producers and engineers from many genres and abilities, bringing these influences into his work. 

Alongside music production, James has been a professional live sound engineer for over ten years and has had the pleasure of mixing several chart-topping acts. 

James Carey music producer. Photography by Graham Martin.


James Carey was drawn to music from a young age, becoming fascinated with production and composition. He was introduced to the industry as assistant producer to Air Edel composer Alexis Farshi, creating music for advertising, film trailers, singers, and culminating in a record with Snoop Dogg. 

He collaborated with composers Matt Kirk and Owen Roberts to create the soundtrack of Cannes nominated film The Shepherd’s Children. James and Matt went on to run a studio in the prestigious Tileyard Studios complex, with clients including Friends of the Earth, BAFTA, and the World Gold Council.


ST4TION is an ongoing collaborative project with songwriter and rapper Chalk, specialising in Pop, Hip Hop and commercial House music. Artists include Chloe Khan, Tasmin Faith, Naomi Hedman, and the recent UK hip hop breakthrough Kak Hatt.

Music ventures developed widely in Atlanta where James worked with many established artists for Mike Brinkley at On the Brink Music (Nas, Cyhi the Prynce) and produced music for Dej Loaf, Baby Rose and Brooklyn Fisher. On his return, he continued to collaborate with developing Def Jam artists including Jahkoy. 

James collaborated on an instrumental album for BMG production label Altitude. He is now producing and writing with My Bad Sister, Taylor West, Andre Espeut and platinum-selling band Sam and the Womp,

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