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James Carey is working on numerous projects with a diverse range of musicians and artists, from singer-songwriters, rappers, bands, and experimental.

"James is a fantastic live engineer and producer. He makes great music that always goes bang! He is very reliable, super easy to work with and comes up with the goods from creative beats to comping horns and vocals." 

Sam Richie
Band leader of #1 Platinum-selling band,
Sam and the Womp

Omar, Taylor West, and James Carey in the studio. Photography by Graham Martin.


Work in progress. Lyrics for the song 'Meal Deal' by My Bad Sister.
Artwork for the song 'Status' by My Bad Sister. Edited by Jylle Navarro.
AHOYITT. Merchandise designed for the artist Kak Hatt. Designed by Jylle Navarro.
James Carey, Kak Hatt and Omar in the studio.
Single artwork for the song 'Lead Me On'. Designed by Jylle Navarro. Photography by Graham Martin.
Illustrated artwork for the song 'Let you go' in collaboration with St4tion. Designed by Jylle Navarro.
Artwork created for the artist Tasmin Faith for the song 'Love Stuff'. Designed by Jylle Navarro.
Artist One Jah in the studio recording. Photography by Jylle Navarro.
Single artwork for the song 'Ukwennamaka' by One Jah. Designed by Jylle Navarro.
Photography single artwork for the song 'Keys to you Heart' by Taylor West.  Photography by Graham Martin. Designed by Jylle
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